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If you are an enlisted Sailor working to enter a Fleet Commissioning Program or apply to a university once discharged, the SAT, ACT or GRE can be the one thing standing in your way of acceptance. Despite the deep desire to tackle these exams, studying on your own is often overwhelming!

Bronte has over seven years of test prep experience and has worked with students all over the globe helping them reach their target score. As a San Diego native, she is eager to assist Service Members in accomplishing their long-term academic and career goals by offering the same assistance at a discounted rate.

With an office conveniently located in Point Loma and a flexible tutoring schedule, BD Preparation is here to ensure San Diego Sailors are provided with top notch prep!

Why BD Prep?

BD Prep understands that applying for jobs can be both an empowering and heartbreaking experience. Resumes and cover letters are personal and should reflect your past, present and future. That is why BD Prep takes the time to truly communicate with our clients: understanding your ultimate career goals is important to us!

Many editing and proofreading companies simply provide clients with suggested feedback on how to improve their document. Also, they do not consider the job you are applying for and how that would alter your resume. However, here at BD Prep the improvements are made for you until you are completely satisfied with the outcome! You will not simply receive “suggestions.”  


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